New Hope Shelter (formerly Red Cross Shelter): 709 S. Sierra Madre, 578-9190. Open 24/7, Emergency shelter for men, women, and families. Picture ID needed for admission, if no ID, go to the police station for a referral. Zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, violence, and no sex offenders are allowed.

Winter Warming Shelter: 709 S. Sierra Madre, 578-9190. Opens when temp. drops to 32 degrees or below or there is a severe storm. Zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, violence, and sex offenders.

Bijou House: 411 W. Bijou, 635-5078. Apply here for a space at Bijou or Shore House. Waiting List.

Bridge House: 2649 Yampa St., 636-3891, Transitional housing for men, 8 beds. Christian based & must have completed a drug or alcohol program. Zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. Rent of $250 per month.

Colorado House: 21 S. Watsatch, 325-0100. Transitional housing not an emergency shelter. Application process can take 3 Weeks. Residential units for men, women, or families with low income.

Freshstart: 636-3891. Transitional housing for 24 families with children. Christian based and zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. One and two bedroom apartments, childcare & other services.

Interfaith Hospitality Network: Various Churches, 329-1244. Transitional housing for homeless families with children. Families stay at a local church for a week and then move on to another one. Waiting list.

TESSA: 633-3819 (24 hr. crisis line for domestic violence). Safe house or motel voucher.

Veterans’ House (The Crawford House): 415 S. Weber, 667-5588. Housing (15 beds) for homeless veterans that are also in a program with the V.A.. Call Jack Freeman on M-F (8:00AIvI-5:00PM).

Urban Peak: 423 E. Cucharras, 630-3223. Provides many services to homeless youth, ages 15-20. Now also provides a 20-bed shelter for homeless youth, ages 15-18.